Christmas Lights

Christmas lights

WATCH: San Antonio Man Syncs Christmas Lights to Star Wars' "Imperial March"

San Antonio Man Syncs Christmas Lights to Star Wars’ “Imperial March”
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Your Christmas Lights Could Be Affecting Your Wi-Fi Connection

You may be gearing up to “haul out the holly,” and… “put up the brightest string of lights I've ever seen,” but you may want to read this first: Those glistening bulbs of holiday spirit could ruin your ability to stream Love Actually or Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album this year. Yes, your...
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A Coldplay Christmas Ode to Kangaroos

This isn’t Coldplay’s first rodeo when it comes to Christmas songs (we’re looking at you, “Christmas Lights”), but the latest is an interesting take on the Christmas theme. This time, Chris Martin sings about kangaroos. Okay, it’s not entirely weird—he was playing a show in Australia, so we kinda...
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