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Bring Home the Bacon! Get paid $1,000 to Eat Bacon for the Day

A West Coast Hamburger chain called Farmer Boys has created created the ultimate dream job. Close your eyes and image for a second, a paid internship eating bacon. YES...I SAID PAID!!! the restaurant is offering $1,000 for one day's work. Do you LOVE bacon as much as we do?! --We've launched our... Read More

A Photo of Mold in a Hotel Room Coffee Maker Is Going Viral

A photo is going viral on Reddit right now from a guy who opened the top of the coffee maker in a hotel room . . . and found a thriving, disgusting mold colony. As he put it, quote, "You know it took weeks, if not months, for this ecosystem to develop." So . . . um . . . ALWAYS inspect the hotel... Read More

This Guy Has 42 School Buses Buried Underground

Source - Interesting Engineering. Named the Ark Two Fallout Shelter, obviously refering to Noah's Ark, has created as a shelter of sorts against future or impending global disasters and is located on the outskirts of Toronto. This thing consists of Fourty-Two hollowed-out schoolbuses which have... Read More

6 Year Old Steals Hearts with Back to School Shirt

The 6-year-old Georgia boy asked his mother to make him an orange shirt that says, “I will be your friend.” He plans to wear it on his first day of school today. After being bullied he said he wanted his classmates to know they are not alone. Read More

Have You Met Your Number Neighbor?

Here is a way to potentially make new friends... or enemies. There is a new trend floating around the net where people are texting their "Number Neighbor," trying to start a conversation and posting the results. A Number Neighbor is the person that has a phone number that's ONE NUMBER AWAY from... Read More


Former swimsuit model Elizabeth Hoad went on live television in the UK to get married. But certainly not in the traditional sense. The 49-year-old wed her 6-year-old golden retriever, Logan. He's a little young for her, aint he??? Back in the 80s she was a swimsuit model and had relationships with... Read More

How Do You Properly Pronounce "Worcestershire Sauce"?

....wur-chest-shure sauce? Or maybe it's woost-uh-sheer? Or maybe it's wur-chest-ur-shy-ur? What's the right way to pronounce "Worcestershire sauce"? The dictionaries have a few options, but it seems like most wind up on something like "woost-er-sheer." This is the way WE say it. Read More

Kangaroo on the loose in Cleveland, TN?

This started with a simple facebook inbox message from Connie, She asked "Is there a Kangaroo on the loose in Cleveland?" We couldnt resist, we had to do some poking around. We seached "Kangaroo loose in Cleveland" on facebook and quickly found.. Which is the video at the top of the page. The... Read More

Watch the Moment a 'Zombie' Chicken Breast Comes Back to Life

UPDATE: After we posted this on our socials, a lot of comments came back saying.. "I'm not buying it" or "This cant be real." Down deep inside we sorta thought the same things, so we did a little poking around and here's what we found. The folks at Snopes said... Does that answer our questions? If... Read More