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Rep Eric Swalwell breaks wind on National TV

In the Above video, The California congressman was doing an interview on MSNBC's 'Hardball' with host Chris Matthews, and while he was trying to explain his point there is a noise that certainly sounds like he broke wind... and TWITTER EXPLOADED! (No pun intended). Now, the "Hardball" folks are... Read More


I can spend all day talking to you about marching band and my experiences the band. I know that band taught me SO much more than actual music. Let me introduce you to Jeremiah Travis from the St Helenda Marching band. He's FIVE YEARS OLD and marches every step that his older band mates do. StyckMan Read More

Meet "Cheer Dad"

This dad knows EVER MOVE of his Daughter's Cheer squad's routine. Dad of the Year Candidate right here. Read More

YouTube's 31 Scary Songs

To Celebrate Halloween, YOUTUBE revealed 31 songs that earned more daily views LAST HALLOWEEN than on any other day of the year. These songs stand the test of time no matter what kind of music that you like. RAY PARKER JR./Ghostbusters MICHAEL JACKSON/Thriller BOBBY PICKETT/Monster Mash ROCKWELL/... Read More

Wheelchair Rolls Out of Hospital by Itself

A security guard at a hospital in India surely got a little surprise when he saw a wheelchair wheeling around outside all by itself. He was going to get a drink of water when he saw the wheelchair moving on its own. His claim was backed up by CCTV cameras positioned outside the Post-Graduate... Read More

Crane Operator Makes a Deal with a Guy in a Nursing Home

I've read this story and few times now, and it just seems to get better every time I read it. Shawn tells the story of his new friend Harold. He met Harold on a jobsite that happens to be across from a nursing home. See, Harold is very sick and "close to the end" but before he got sick, he used to... Read More