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Dad Teaches Kids Basic Skills On YouTube Channel

Rob Kenney has founded a massively popular YouTube channel called “ Dad, How Do I? ” It's sole purpose is to show one how do do things that one would learn to do from a dad or other parent. Kenney himself has a fairly heart-wrenching backstory with his own father. According to Read More

Kellogg's Has a New Cereal Called Mashups

The folks at Kelloggs must be really bored. Kellogg's has redesigned Toucan Sam from Froot Loops. They took his body color and made it brighter and more "cartoony" ... gave him anime looking eyes . . . and added a tie-dyed rainbow pattern to his beak. And based on the responses on social media,... Read More

What is "Milking Cucumbers" And Does It Make Them Taste Better

When we're bored we do new things with our food? See Above Video ! Apparently, there's a new trend from TikTok where people are MILKING CUCUMBERS ...and you know, if it's on TikTok it's the THING TO DO. See Above Video! Here's how it works, you cut the end off of a cucumber, then start rubbing that... Read More

FOLLOW UP - Comedian Bill Engvall Wants to Be on The Masked Singer

Spoiler Alert - Masked Singer Banana UNMASKED. When the below interview/ blog was posted back in February, Comedian Bill Engvall revealed to us (Mo & StyckMan) that "If Masked Singer called, I'd do it." We ran with the idea of getting him on next season. We posted on all our socials something... Read More

Dr Anthony Fauci Bobblehead Doll Is Available for PreOrder

One of the faces that we all look to in these uncertain times is Dr Anthony Fauci . As one of the lead members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, He's been our voice of reason, our calming face, our source of much needed information. Some are even calling him an American Hero . The National... Read More