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Carnival Glory CRASHED into Carnival Legend

In a YouTube video filmed from on board of Oasis of the Seas the cruise ship Glory is seen crashing into the cruise ship Legend at the Cozumel Cruise Terminal today (12/20). The wind appears to be very high and is likely to be the cause of the accident. In the YouTube video below he person holding... Read More

Amazon adds feature for Alexa to change subject during Christmas

Research has found that around 6:30pm on Christmas day is the time when family arguments are most likely to break out. Alexa to the rescue! Amazon has set up their smart speakers to step in with a little “distraction technique.” During your Christmas gathering, when the argument breaks out, just... Read More

Mom Blogger Goes Viral While Trying To Get Into the Holiday Spirit

We have to introduce you to Mary Katherine Backstrom, she is a mom blogger, however, lately she's becoming (internet) famous for another reason. She had been in her local WaWa in Fort Myers, Fl and was trying to get into the spirit. She noticed that the lady behind her was only picking up some... Read More

Other Movies that May or May Not Be Christmas Movies

Every Christmas folks argue about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. Even with everything stacked against it... it was released in July, its explosive plot has nothing to do with Christmas, and Bruce Willis himself actually said it was NOT a Christmas movie. But for some reason, we still... Read More

Remembering Legendary Puppeteer Caroll Spinney

Caroll Spinney , the person behind Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch , passed today, December 8th 2019, at age 85 at his home in Connecticut. He had been living with Dystonia for some time. Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer behind beloved Sesame Street characters Big Bird and... Read More

Could You Survive the Booby Traps in Home Alone?

It's Christmas time, and at some point we'll all gather around our televisions for some holiday classic movies. One such movie may be the 1990 classic film " Home Alone." Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin , is accidently left at home during his family's Christmas vacation and he is faced... Read More

More News from $120k Banana at the Art Show in Miami

UPDATE: According to the New York Times "The artist Maurizio Cattelan’s taped banana at Art Basel Miami had prompted so much buzz and commotion that it had to be removed on Sunday before the end of the fair." BREAKING NEWS IN BANANA SAGA: It's off the wall. (Literally.) My scoop here on the... Read More

Petrifying Proposal

This guy and his girlfriend were in a convenience store buying a 6-pack and a few other things. The video shows someone at the counter brandishing a gun to the cashier demanding the money. The Cashier gave him the money. As the couple were stepping up to the counter, the cashier said "I got robbed... Read More