The North Pole has issued its 'official' list for 2019

Are you on the Nice or Naughty List?

December 22, 2019

Have you been Naughty or Nice? We all know that "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and he's been making a list and checking it twice. That list has finally been released by the Department of Christmas Affairs which operates under the North Pole Government.

Click here to find your name on the list. The names on the list are listed in alphabetically. But be ready for what you find. You may THINK you're on the nice list but you're not. If you think Santa got it wrong you can ask for a review by clicking here. 

 If you can't find your name you can click here to submit a new name for Santa Judgement. 

Christmas Kid

According to their website "Just in case it wasn't clear, this is not a real Government website."  All content, the site continutes "is entirely fictional, intended to add a little humour to your Christmas experience."