Have Fun with your Family on Thanksgiving with this Turkey Cake

Your eyes ARE deceiving you.

November 24, 2019

Yes the headline is correct, the turkey in the video is not a turkey at all, it's a carefully sculpted cake. 

Sarah Hardy makes these masterpieces. She is also known to make wide range of realistic confectionery. From zombie cakes to lifelike chocolate hearts Sarah's creations are like none other. "Most of my work is highly realistic so it looks like something else," Hardy tells Food Insider  "there's a moment when you're not quite sure."   She says "When you're buying a chocolate or a cake you tend to be giving it to someone as a present and you want to give them an experience, not just a taste experience. the experience of surprise and a little bit of joy as well."

The Turkey Cake can be kind of pricey at $600 so if you'd like to take a run at making one yourself, Sarah has set up a turtorial on her website. Click Here to go to the tutorial

Some of Sarah's other creations include: