Justin Sullivan / Staff - Getty Images North America

Potential Loophole in Target's Return Policy

November 23, 2019

Apparenly this mother has found a loophole in Target's return policy. According to her Facebook post you can technically REPLACE clothing that you buy there. The post reads in part, "Target's Cat & Jack line has a one year quality guarantee. So when one of the boys rips his pants three months after I bought them, I simply bring them back for a full refund." And it all works out in her favor, "I walk to the boys section, pick out a brand new pair (often a size larger) and I'm on my way with a brand new pair of pants for free!"

Needless to say, there are folks on social media on BOTH sides of the argument, "... don’t agree on trading out for a larger size. If it’s a quality issue sure- but trading out for a larger size is taking advantage - and that’s why companies stop offering these kind of things" one preson writes. Another says, "wow that’s great!! Now where are those receipts lol."

It seems that may be the case. The return policy states. "If you’re not satisfied with any Target Owned Brand item, return it within one year with a receipt for an exchange or a refund" But Target could change that policy at any time. Read the full policy here

What do you think? Is this mom brilliant or is he taking advantage of the policy?