"Miserable Men" Instagram Account Highlights Bored Men on a Shopping Trips

February 5, 2020

Shopping with the lady in your life can be one of the worst things men have to go through. Not to say that All shopping trips are bad, but as a blanket "stereotypical" statement, ladies like to shop and men don't.

At the very least men and women go at shopping differently. In general, men like to go what they are after and get out. Even if it means having to repeat the process when they find something else that they are after.

Women on the other hand, are a little more calculated. The have a list, they are looking for the best deal. They are looking for the best products. It's a long process.

An Instagram account captures how terrible of a process can be for the fellas. The Instagram account, @miserable_men, includes original photos and user submissions of men looking despondent as they wait for their woman to wrap up her shopping.

Just a few of the posts...

Look at this poor sack. Slobbering through the day as his girl laughs and snaps a photo of him in the mirror. Sad.

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Stairway to Hell

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I feel ya bud. Just let it all hang out. Dude in the middle is struggling but what the hell is going on in the background? #miserablemen #croptop

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