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McDonald's Trolls Fashion House With Fry Box Shoes

February 18, 2019

Everybody is a fashion critic these days, even the folks over at McDonald's. The fast-food chain took a shot at luxury fashion house Balenciaga on social last week after the couture brand released shoes that looked like their french-fry boxes.

McDonald’s Sweden posted a picture to its Instagram account of a person wearing a signature red fry box like a shoe. While they didn't call out Balenciaga directly, it didn't take social media warriors long to draw their own conclusions. Especially since the shoes they released look a lot like the french fry boxes.  “If we get 103,042 likes, we release these for real,” McDonald’s wrote in Swedish.

The Balenciaga shoes were originally priced at $530 and are currently sold out.  But it’s a breeze to get the look on your own: Head to your local franchise, where you can pick up the same style for $1.89 a pop. That’s $3.78 for a red-carpet look — plus two large servings of fries to munch while you strut.

Om vi får 103042 likes släpper vi dessa på riktigt. ---- #FWStockholm #Trendsetter #FashionWeek #McDonaldsSverige #Donken

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