Chattanooga Children's Business Fair

August 12, 2019

Hey Y'all, it's StyckMan. My wife and I did something crazy fun over the weekend. We attended the 2nd Annual Chattanooga Children's Business Fair and it was amazing. Here's the gist of what it was - Kids create a product or service, develop a brand, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at this one-day marketplace. I'm guessing here that the kids at this fair were somewhere between 5 or 6 and 14 or 15. If this is where our future leaders and business owners are, we're in good hands.

We walked through the exibit area of the 4th floor of the Chattanooga Library and every kid there explained their products with passion and knowlege.  Each kidpreneur looked us in the eye and spoke clearly. Some hand made their products and others bought products wholesale to sell. It was so refreshing to see young people learning a new skill and flourishing. 

I talked to organizer, Tee Frierson-Bates and explained to her how awesome it was and that I wanted to help get the word out for the next one.  She said that she's looking into another CCBF in the near future. I made her promise that she'd let me know and I'd help as much as I can to make it has big as possible. She said that she's definitely excited about the growth so far and can't wait to see it really blow up. 

Below is a list of the Business that were there and a little about them. I managed to get pictures of a few of them and I'm posting with their parents permission.  

Happy Art by Gracie - Art paintings on canvas, bookmarks, magnets, and greeting cards by 10 year old Gracie.

The Conservation Kid - 9 year old Cash Daniels is in the tv and print news quite often with his conservation efforts.  He is a published author and creates ocean and river themed paintings, straw pouches to promote reusable straws, and bags created from recycled material.

Colt’s Critters - Brother of The Conservation Kid, and one of our youngest vendors.  6yr old Colt makes pet toys and other items from recycled material.

Ethan’s Woodworking - 12yr old Ethan handcraft wooden ink pens.

Mikayla’s Vinyl Stickers - Mikayla Sanders is 10yrs old, she designs and creates vinyl stickers that can be applied to items such as mugs, cups, laptops, notebooks, etc. She had a spot on Good Morning Chattanooga Fox edition August 2018 covering the 1st annual Chattanooga Children’s Business Fair.

String Me Along - Ran by 12yr old Sophia who spent her summer lacing string into artistic patterns nailed into wood.

Gypsy Girls - Sisters Sydney and Marleigh ages 14 and 10 sale and create a large variety of items.  Upcycled goods, purses, canvas, book safes, men’s gifts, jewelry, soaps, body care, treats, and much more.  They also offer other services and donate a portion of their proceeds to charities that are near their hearts. Marleigh represented the Gypsy Girls last month on Fox edition of Good morning Chattanooga. The two received our 2018 award for Most Creative Business Idea.

Tori’s Cupcakes - Our sold out,  2019 winner of the Most Business Potential Award and People’s Choice Award.  13yr Tori makes beautifully crafted cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

Inspiration Art by Carina Miller - 2019 Winner of our Best Business Presentation Award!
14yr old Tori describes her business as creating realism on paper and canvas using ink, charcoal, and pastels.  

Andrew’s Fun Art - Ran by 7yr old Andrew who is a drawing artist.

KALEG Towels - Kaitlyn, age 8 makes hanging kitchen towels.

Samantha’s Fluff & Stuff Station - Custom created pillows by 9yr. Old Samantha.

Mountain City Music - 13yr old Miles has been playing the dulcimer for 2 years now and enjoys entertaining others for hours.  He doesn’t charge for his services but does accept tips.

Sugar on Top - Lucy is an 8yr old who loves to bake.  She includes gluten-free and vegan options and allows other to decorate their own cupcakes with various toppings she provides.

Slime Time - Addie is a 10yr old slime crafter.  She lets her customers choose their slime add-ins and makes it on the spot.

Knick Knack Paddy Whack - 12yr old Emma home makes doggie treats and biscuits.

Shimmer Baby Shine - Sisters Jayla and Jazzlyn 10 & 6, are in the retail jewelry business.  They purchase wholesale Starlet Shimmer by Paparazzi, specializing in child themed jewelry.

Blessings and Bows - Sophia and Eloise are 9&6 yr old sisters who specialize in handmade hair bows for young girls.  The also create art on salvaged barn wood, and hand paint coffee mugs.

Uncle Sam’s Paracord - Offers paracord bracelets, keychains, zipper pulls, and monkey fist made by the patriotic, 12yr old Jefferson.

Vanessa Nicole’s Handmade Accessories - 9yr old Vanessa hand makes leather earrings and necklaces.

Flying Colores - Yasmine and Evelyn Cortes sells painting, drawings, and repurposed crayons.

Aprons4UAndMore - Tarina starting sewing at a very young age.  A 2-time winner in our business competition, this 12yr old makes adult and children aprons, hairbow, tutus and other accessories. She received Most Creative/ Best Presentation in our 2018 business competition and the 2019 Most Original Business Award.

EAL Designs - This sibling trio ages 12, 10, and 8, Eliana, Addie, and Liam create a variety of beautiful products made with shells collected from all over the world, including jewelry, picture frames, and wall clocks.