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Comedian Bill Engvall Wants to Be on The Masked Singer

February 23, 2020

Mo & StyckMan talked to Comedian Bill Engvall. The interview touched on several topics including the very beginning of his career.  "I've always enjoyed it, but I never really thought I could make a living at it," Engvall continued "I thought this would be fun for a year or two then I'll have to go get a real job." He's going on "Fourty Plus Years of doing this, so  I guess I"m doing something right."  When asked what it was like that first time he stepped on stage, he admitted that he'd had "several rounds of 'Liquid Encouragement.'"

When asked if he ever Googled himself , he stated that "it took me a long time to even understand what Google was." He tries not to read social media because, in his words "It just doesn't bother me." Which led to a story from back when he had the "Bill Engvall Show". One reviewer out of Sacramento that was execptionally hard on the show. He wrote a scatheing review Bill said, " You would have thought that had I done something personal to him"  Engvall called the guy because of "for lack of better term 'the redneck part of me'"  and confronted him about the bad review, The reviewer stated "you're the first one to ever call me." 

Speaking of Googling, Mo & StyckMan played their game "Is, Was, Did, Does" where they use Google and type in "Is Bill Engvall..." and "Was Bill Engvall..." and then pick some of the better questions that have been searched about the funny man. 

  • Is Bill Engvall a Paster?
  • Was Bill Engvall on Dancing with the Stars?
  • Did Bill Engvall Die? ( yes , kinda morbid but we wanted to make sure)
  • Does Bill Engvall Sing? 

That last question is where something good came out. The comedian admits that if The Masked Singer called, "I'd do it." And his name is already on The Masked Singer show. Last week, Jenny McCarthy guessed that The Banana was Bill Engvall. Who do YOU think the Banana is? 

Let's band together and get Mr Engvall on The Masked Singer next season. Tweet the link to this story to @MaskedSingerFox, and hopefully together, we can get him on the show. Bottom line is Bill Engvall isnt afraid to put himself out there.