Petrifying Proposal

December 5, 2019

This guy and his girlfriend were in a convenience store buying a 6-pack and a few other things. The video shows someone at the counter brandishing a gun to the cashier demanding the money. The Cashier gave him the money.

As the couple were stepping up to the counter, the cashier said "I got robbed". "Did you?" they said. And it was at that moment that the "robber" came back into the store and forced them to the back of the building. The girlfriend was terrifided. 

The robber started quizzing the couple about their life. Asking how many kids they had and why they weren't married. Then the robber pulled a ring out of his bag and gave it to the guy to prose to his girlfiend. 

The whole thing was a ruse to get to a proposal that neither of them will ever forget. At the end of the video the guy says . "Thank you to my lovely wife to be for having a great sense of humor about this. I'd also like to apologize for a few things..." the black screen message goes on "First, I was only going for scared, not horribly petrified. Second, sorry you're marrying such a jack wagon. (I can't wait for you to see what I have planned for the wedding)"

Would you have said "yes" to a proposal like this?