Sunday is National Promposal day

Make sure you do it up right.

March 10, 2018

Donna Coleman |


According to the National Day Calendar, this Sunday, March 11th, is National Promposal Day!

High school students across America will be asking someone to their prom.

Then, the list making begins.

  • finding the right tux or suit, shoes and accessories
  • finding the right dress, shoes and accessories.
  • dance lessons? Who in the family can dance, and can teach?
  • using a parent’s vehicle or renting a limo
  • dinner arrangements
  • after prom parties, rules, etc.

If you have a high school student in your home and plan to do social media about National Promposal Day, use these hashtags: #NationalPromposalDay #MyUltimatePromposal.

Help your prom eligible kids have a great and safe time! ... and PLEASE share PICTURES and VIDEOS with us.