20 years after Y2K panic

December 22, 2019

As we are approaching the end of 2019, its pretty easy to look back to this month 20 years ago. Remember Y2K? We were worried about The Year 2000. We thought the world's computer systems would shut down and life as we know it would end. Some of us did nothing in hope that everything would be ok. Others prepared! Like Todd Neumann.

 “Well, it turned out to be nothing, but no one knew at that time,” Neumann told WHAS11News in Louisville, Ky when they caught up with him here in 2019 “So, it was a little concerning for us, but it turned out to be just another day. We woke up again the next day and nothing changed. Life went on.”

Not to worry though, all that food he stockpiled did not go to waist, “We ate it. We had a big party and ate it all,” He laughed. 

“The zombie apocalypse. Now, that I'd like to see,” That Neumann...He's a joker.

Do you remember what you were doing 20 years ago? Where you stockpiling food and worried about what Y2K would bring, or were you partying it up like it was 1999?