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Burger King Is Testing a Fry Burger

If you've ever thought "Hey, this burger could be so much better if it didn't have meat on it but just had french fries!" Then you just might be in luck. Burger King in New Zealand has done just that. The folks at says that the " Chip Butty " carries "a striking resemblance to England... Read More

Cookie Lovers Can Now Get Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm

These days you should be able to find a lip balm for you. There's NO reasons to have chapped lips, especially when there's an Oreo Flavored Lip Balm. Y•O•L•O• (You Obviously Love Oreos) • scented & flavored lip balm now available on @amazon! Link in bio. #oreo #oreocookies A post shared by... Read More

Who is Loretta in the Google Superbowl Ad

One of the most talked about commercials this were was the Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images Assistant commercial simple titled " Loretta ." The ad (above) tells the story of a man who uses Google to keep the memory of his love alive. While some of the others "biggies" were looking to make us laugh... Read More

Grinch Delivery Driver Destroys Package on Video

Surveillance video shows a Grinch delivery driver who was supposed to be dropping off a package for an Amazon customer for the holidays instead decided to destroy it. The driver got out of his vehicle, place a package in front of the back tire and then ran over it several times. He even turned his... Read More

The North Pole has issued its 'official' list for 2019

Have you been Naughty or Nice? We all know that " Santa Clause is Coming to Town " and he's been making a list and checking it twice. That list has finally been released by the Department of Christmas Affairs which operates under the North Pole Government. Click here to find your name on the list... Read More

20 years after Y2K panic

As we are approaching the end of 2019, its pretty easy to look back to this month 20 years ago. Remember Y2K ? We were worried about The Year 2000. We thought the world's computer systems would shut down and life as we know it would end. Some of us did nothing in hope that everything would be ok... Read More