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Non-Coronavirus Post

We are in a scary time for sure, but lets just take a Two minutes and 5 seconds and think about something else. Yes, this is a stupid cat video but hopefully it will help get our minds off the Coronavirus for just a mintue. This video is actually kinda old, but maybe....JUST Maybe it will help us... Read More

Cookeville Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund

Hey yall it's StyckMan , This week Middle Tennessee was hit very hard by tornados. Cookeville in particular was hit very hard. That is my "neck of the woods." I have some very close friends and family in the area. Thank the good Lord they are ok. But they are still digging out, and will be for a... Read More

Ways to Help Middle Tennessee

Hands On Nashville is also accepting volunteers. You can sign up by clicking this link. The United Way of Rutherford and Cannon counties is offering a giving opportunity by texting RELIEF2020 to 41444 to give via mobile. They say 100% of funds will support relief efforts. for other ways to help... Read More

Comedian Bill Engvall Wants to Be on The Masked Singer

Mo & StyckMan talked to Comedian Bill Engvall . The interview touched on several topics including the very beginning of his career. "I've always enjoyed it, but I never really thought I could make a living at it," Engvall continued "I thought this would be fun for a year or two then I'll have... Read More

Burger King Is Testing a Fry Burger

If you've ever thought "Hey, this burger could be so much better if it didn't have meat on it but just had french fries!" Then you just might be in luck. Burger King in New Zealand has done just that. The folks at says that the " Chip Butty " carries "a striking resemblance to England... Read More

Cookie Lovers Can Now Get Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm

These days you should be able to find a lip balm for you. There's NO reasons to have chapped lips, especially when there's an Oreo Flavored Lip Balm. Y•O•L•O• (You Obviously Love Oreos) • scented & flavored lip balm now available on @amazon! Link in bio. #oreo #oreocookies A post shared by... Read More

Who is Loretta in the Google Superbowl Ad

One of the most talked about commercials this were was the Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images Assistant commercial simple titled " Loretta ." The ad (above) tells the story of a man who uses Google to keep the memory of his love alive. While some of the others "biggies" were looking to make us laugh... Read More