Oreo builds asteroid-proof bunker filled with cookies and milk

October 27, 2020

You can never be too prepared.

A "threat" of an asteroid coming close to Earth on November 2nd has led Oreo to build what they call an asteroid-proof bunker filled with cookies and milk, reports Fox News.

The cookie company uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, and said they were inspired by the Global Seed Vault in Norway. The seed vault is a massive storage facility with an even more massive amount of seeds from all over the planet built to survive natural and man made disasters.

In the video, Oreo said that they specifically made the cookie vault because of the Asteroid 2018VP1, which will make a close fly-by of earth on November 2nd.

“Each cookie pack is wrapped in protective Mylar which can keep our cookies safe from temperatures of -80°F to 300°F.” according to a post from Oreo.

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