Applebee's serves up 2 new $5 holiday cocktails in massive glasses

November 22, 2020

Applebees is no stranger to the massive cocktail, but now, you can indulge in a fun beverage for the holidays - and for only $5!

Deemed the $5 Sleigh Bell Sips, guests can dive right into two different varieties of holiday beverages. First, there's the Berry Merry Colada, which features tropical pina colada flavors with a strawberry swirl and made with Captain Morgan spiced rum and Midori, Delish reports.

If that doesn't suit you, there's also the Reindeer Punch, made with Smirnoff vodka, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sweet & sour, and a cherry. Both cocktails feature vibrant red holiday colors.

And when we say "dive in," we really mean it. These drinks are served in a "mucho glass," making them perhaps the largest of your holiday libations.

This isn't the first time Applebee's has come in clutch for your holiday drinking needs. Back in September, the chain restaurant gave guests a taste of Halloween with two $5 Halloween cocktails.

The Tipsy Zombie, which came in a bright blue hue, featured Bacardi Superior rum, Midori liqueur, and a gummy bear garnish.

Meanwhile, the Dracula's Juice beverage was a frozen drink which included Patron Tequila, Bacardi Superior, wildberry, and margarita mix for a sour punch.

In typical Applebee's fashion, the drinks were served in their Mucho glasses, giving guests the opportunity to really get the most for their money.

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